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This page holds links to websites of groups and organizations around the world that share the mission and values of Seven Circles of Wisdom and that contribute to a more sustainable, socially just and inclusive world. Seven Circles of Wisdom indicates why these groups were allowed to figure on this page. If you have your link on this page, you are expected to share knowledge, material and other means within your potential with the other groups so that this becomes a podium where likeminded groups around the world strengthen their potential and broaden their scope.




Empatitis is a Mexican company that helps its clients in their many and various projects to improve the world. 





Supports organisations around the world, whether entrepreneurs, NGO's, state organisations, to improve and connect the world. 



Crosswise works  supports entrepreneurial projects in Africa and Asia to improve the world.  

Musicians Without Borders uses music to bridge divides, connect communities, and heal the wounds of war.